Max Ammount Borrowed $3000 $2500 $2000 $1500 $1000
FICO/Credit Score n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Approx. Net income $2500 $2100 $1700 $1500 $700
APR 94% 94% 94% 95% 95%
Approx. Bi-weekly Payment $202.00 $168.00 $136.00 $102.00 $68.00
Total Estimated to Pay Back $4418.39 $3682.08 $2945.63 $2217.56 $1478.38

Please be aware that not all applicants will qualify for every loan product. Superior Funding, LLC reserves the right to change the rates and loan products listed below without notice. The rates and Payments shown are ONLY estimates and are for sample purposes ONLY. If you would like a more accurate figure, please call and speak with one of our Loan Specialists. The information shown is to provide and idea as to what you may borrow and what your rates and bi-weekly payments will be. Always refer back to your Consumer Loan Agreement and Federal Truth in Lending Disclosure for specific details of your existing loan.