Financial burdens challenge us all. In fact, most people think about their financial situation every day. A car breaks down. A child gets sick. A credit card bill is due before you get paid. Something breaks and needs to be replaced. Or, you have to write a check and know that there won’t be enough funds in your checking account to cover the amount. Worst of all, the very financial institution we all “banked on” to be there when we needed a loan- our local bank is not interested in making a loan for small amounts of money. And even if they were, it could take months of paperwork before they make their decision.

Superior Funding knows the challenges, because we hear them every day. And we provide solutions every day. We specialize in making loans to Postal employees who have less than perfect credit, and need the money FAST. We make it easy from start to finish. Your funds could be in your account as soon as the next business day. Our installment loan payments makes it easy to know exactly how much you pay every month until your loan is fully paid off. And best of all, we get repaid directly from an allotment from your payroll so no need to remember to pay each month – we take care of that for you. It’s that EASY.

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