General Questions

An Installment Loan is a loan with a series of equal repayments made over a certain longer period of time. A payday loan typically is paid back at the next payday. With a payday loan, if you cannot afford to pay back the loan on your next payday, many lenders will allow you to ?roll? the loan for another payday period. This indeterminate payback period can become problematic since payday loans accrue interest at a very high interest rate. With an installment loan from Superior Funding, you will make 22 bi-weekly payments over roughly an 11 month period. We have developed this program so as to allow you to best assess the affordability of your monthly obligations and to know that eventually, you will completely pay off your loan in full. We believe that borrowing and payback within 22 biweekly payments allows you to be a responsible borrower. Remember, the Superior Funding loan is NOT a short term loan, but rather an installment loan. Additionally, along with a successful payment history, you may also be eligible for a refinance with an increased credit limit. Please ask your Customer Service representative at 1-888-278-5888 for additional information.
Borrowers must be employed full time with a bi-weekly net income of at least $700 (after taxes, deductions & other allotments), not have had a bankruptcy within the past 3 years or 2 within the past 10 years, and have an available payroll allotment from which to withdraw your monthly payment from. All applications are subject to verification but not all applications will be approved. Additionally, not all applicants will qualify for the maximum loan amounts available. Your failure to provide requested documentation and information will delay the processing of and may terminate your application.
As a first-time applicant, borrowers can receive a maximum loan up to $1,000. After a successful payment history, some customers may get approved for a loan up to $3,000 based on net pay.
Poor credit bureau ratings will not affect the approval of an installment loan, however we will not be able to extend a loan for those who have filed for bankruptcy within the past 3 years.
We do not use any major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, Transunion) but we do use alternative data providers to verify identity and check for bankruptcy, liens, and judgments. Pulling information from these alternative data providers will not affect your credit bureau scores.
This depends upon the time of day and how quickly the application process is completed and submitted; borrowers can be approved within a few hours, but verification can take a while longer while we receive documents from you. Please keep in mind that any application submitted during weekends, holidays or after 5PM CST will be processed the following business day.
Applicants begin the process by filling out an online application and submitting the required documents. Once submitted, it is reviewed and prospective borrowers are notified by either phone or email of the status of the application. Once the Superior Funding loan is approved, funds may be deposited in your checking account as quickly as the next business day.
Once you have taken out a loan from us, and upon successfully making 6 on-time payments, you may be eligible to refinance your loan. Refinancing your loan will give you the opportunity to pay off your current loan, extend your term, and may allow you to increase the amount of loan extended. All renewal requests are based at the sole discretion of Superior Funding at the time the request is made.
The due date is determined by the borrower?s pay date. A helpful feature of our loan program is that we take the payments automatically without you having to remember to pay your loan. However, if at any time you have a discrepancy with your due date we encourage you to contact us to discuss the matter by calling our Customer Service Department at 1-888-278-5888.
If a bi-weekly loan payment is not paid within 3 days of the due date, a $25 late fee will be added to the account per occurrence.

Customers who are unable to make payments by the due date should immediately contact the Customer Service Department at 1-888-278-5888 so as to work out other arrangements. Any customer that fails to contact us to make other arrangements, will be sent to our Collections Department.
In the vast majority of cases no faxing is required in order to get approved! In some cases, if more information is needed, faxing may be the best way to send it. We will attempt to contact the customer by phone or email when more information is needed. Clients are required to physically sign their loan agreement and send back to us so faxing may be necessary.
Every Superior Funding loan transaction and customer information is completely confidential and protected per our PRIVACY POLICY.
Please visit our RATES Page for details on the rate you can expect to pay.