9 Unique ways for postal workers to make extra cash

No matter what your job title at the Post Office, you are busy year-round. Beyond work you have family, friends, and relatives to think about too. Living expenses can add up quickly. Because of this we have compiled a list of ideas to create some extra cash..

Below are 9 ways to generate some extra cash to help with expenses, do something extra special for your spouse/children, pay the bills, or whatever you desire:

1. Have a Yard/Garage Sale

Take a weekend day and clean out the garage, storage shed, closet, or spare bedroom. Anything you haven?t used in over a year or is not of major sentimental value, organize and put price tags on. You would be surprised how quickly you can get sell $300 ? $400 worth of stuff you no longer need

2. Craigslist

Not in a position to have a garage sale? Sell it on Craigslist. It?s free to list items and if you have items that didn?t sell in person at a garage sale try them here. Be careful to read Craigslist page on avoiding scams

3. Scrap metal

If you have an old camper, car/engine parts, or other metal items around consider taking it to you local salvage yard of recycling center. If you don?t have any spare metal sitting around, your neighbor probably does. Knock on the door and offer to take their rusting swing set away and remove an eyesore in the process

4. Sell Plasma

Most large US cities have clinics that will pay around $35 for your plasma. You can usually do this twice per week, and it takes 30 minutes to an hour to do. You have to be relatively healthy and drug free to do this, and the side benefit is it helps others

5. Start a Part-Time Business From Home

Other people are busy like you as well, so tap into your network and make some extra money. If you are good with kids bring in $15 ? 18/hour babysitting. Love pets? Offer dog walking or pet sitting services. Think out of the box and advertise with yard signs or Facebook posts that you are offering gift wrapping services during the holiday season in your neighborhood or city

6. Make Stuff to Sell

Have a passion for DIY projects, woodworking, art, or tasty food? Make some stuff and do something you enjoy at the same time, and get paid for it. You can easily sell stuff online at sites like Etsy, hand out flyers or tell your friends to spread the word

7. Find a Gig Online

Instead of watching TV a few nights per week instead find ways to make money online. One thing you can do is sign up with Amazon?s Mechanical Turk program. Here companies post task that machines cannot easily do and people like you can. The money is credited to your Amazon account and you can withdraw after $10 accumulates.

8. Pawn Shop

Have some valuables that you don?t want to let go of but are willing to temporarily part with? Contact your local pawn shop or Google Search ?Cash for Jewelry?

9. Temporary Retail Job

Retailers are always in need of good, hard-working people like you. Consider a few evenings or weekends to bring in some extra cash for yourself and your family

Want an alternative option?

Hopefully this gives you some creative ways to treat yourself and your family to more of what you want and deserve

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Thank you, USPS employees, for all the hard work and extra time you put in this and every holiday season!

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