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If you are United States Postal Service employee, you are entitled and encouraged to use the governmental website called “Lite Blue”. Lite Blue is a broad based resource which allows any Postal employee to obtain critically relevant information, such as payroll, health, benefits, and other career oriented articles and news. In addition, and importantly, you can use the system to “ebid” on posted jobs. A major feature of LiteBlue is “PostalEASE”, which is a broad based resource to suit many of your needs. We encourage you to log in.

LiteBlue Website Login Instructions

Click here for the LiteBlue website https://liteblue.usps.gov

You will need to provide your USPS employee ID number (this can be found your earnings statement)

Fill in your PIN (you can make this request by phone if you need a current PIN)

Choose from any of the menus options on USPS Lite Blue. This will keep you current on your career growth. You will see current               information about your benefits package, your revenue, your service performance, your peer recognition, etc. You can also choose             to provide site feedback if you would care to.

LiteBlue Feature: PostalEASE

Used by Postal employees, and tribal employees, to enroll, change current enrollment, or cancel enrollment in the Health Benefits (FEHB) Program.

Relevant for new or current employees, retirees or family members

Makes a change to your current enrollment during the open season

As a new employee, make your election, provide dependents information

Programs include health, vision, dental, life insurance, long term care and flexible spending accounts

Tribal employer information https://www.opm.gov/healthcare-insurance/tribal-employers/

Use for allotment choices http://www.washingtoncopostalfcu.org/postalease.html

Guide to Benefits for Postal Employees


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